What is Hotel or What is Service ???

Hotel Service PowerPoint Presentation Slides

What is Hotel :    Hotel is a service orientation industry which provides accommodation food and drinks, security, fast food and recreation in exchange of money .

What is Service :        Service means art of serving food and drinks to the guest or customer. (F and B department is largest department in the hotel).


Waiter definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

WAITER means —–

W = Waiting

A = Attitude

I = Intelligent

T = Tactful

E = Efficient

R = Reliable

—– The Five Main Catering Sectors…..

  1.  Food and beverage for profit.
  2.  Food and beverage for convince cost provision or industrial and welfare catering.
  3.  Food and beverage for a captive clients.
  4.  Food and beverage for a non- captive.
  5.  Food and beverage for a semi- captive clients.

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