Tourism Impact (পর্যটন প্রভাব)

How Does Tourism Impact Ocean Health? Coastal Development — Sea Going Green

Tourism Impact are –

  1. Environmental Impact
  2. Economic Impact
  3. Social-Cultural Impact

Environmental Impact: পরিবেশগত প্রভাব:

Natural Resources- Water, air, climate.

Positive: ইতিবাচক: 

-Give people more knowledge on the important environment.

-Raise awareness of environment values and create conservation for tourism purpose

Example – water-based attraction such as like, canal.

–  Improve for clean quality control of environment water and air.

Negative: নেতিবাচক: 

–  Pollution waste-water from hotel, noise pollution from tourist or tourism activities. Over consumption water for golf course, hotel’s swimming pool.

Natural Environment- mountains, forests, sea and beach.

Positive: ইতিবাচক:

  • Conservation for tourism purpose ex- beach.

  • Gain income from visitors for conservation purpose

Example – entrance fee of national park.

Negative: নেতিবাচক:

Deterioration of the area ex- over-visited by travelers pollution

Example – Oil fuel spills by boat/cruise to the sea

Wild life: Fauna and Flora

  • safari, bird/animal watching.

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Positive: ইতিবাচক:

  • Creation of a wildlife reserve/sanctuary or habitat restoration

Negative: নেতিবাচক:

  • Disrupting of animals habits

  • Killing of animals through hunting or for souvenir.

Build Environment : Temple, Castle, Village and town.

Positive: ইতিবাচক:

  • Restoration and preservation of historic building and sites for tourism purpose. reuse of disused building.

Negative: নেতিবাচক:

  • Visual Impact

  • Deterioration of building

Example- Visited by Tourists.

  • Pollution

 Example–   air-pollution in village by tourist buses.

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Economical Impact: অর্থনৈতিক প্রভাব: 

Positive: ইতিবাচক:

  • Generation of income to destination.

  • Creation of employment opportunity.

–  Increased tax revenues raised for government.

  • Multiplier effect.

Negative: নেতিবাচক: 

  • Leakage of expenditure out of local economy.

  • Inflation and higher land values.

  • Opportunity cost.

  • Seasonality.

  • Over-dependence on tourism.


Social Impact: সামাজিক প্রভাব:

Positive: ইতিবাচক

  • Social impacts refer to changes in the lives of people who live in host/destination communities and are associated more with direct contact between hosts and tourists.

  • Social impact from tourism is usually permanent with little or no opportunity to reserve the change once it has taken place.

  • Small community is more sensitive to tourism social impact than large city.

  • Sources of social impacts are : Tourists and Hosts.

  • Demonstration effects – there are the effects of those situation where someone sees another person doing or using something and wants to do or have the same things themselves.

  • Impact on employment and job for people in host community.

Positive :  ইতিবাচক:

Tourism offers many work opportunities.

Negative : নেতিবাচক: 

Tourism bring someone negative impacts on worker Example – Seasonality and unsocial working hours.

Positive Impacts : ইতিবাচক প্রভাব: 

  • Increased Knowledge of the host culture by visitors and lead to renewed culture pride among the host community.

  • Encourage cultural interchange and international understanding.

  • Host culture can survive by tourist’s demands for traditional entertainment, art, crafts and music.

Negative Impacts : নেতিবাচক প্রভাব: 

–  Commercialization of the local culture.

  • Decline in traditional arts and crafts as folk art become junk art or low quality mass product.

  • Conflict between tourists and local community due to visitors lack of cross-cultural awareness.

  • Sex tourism, child prostitution, HIV/AIDS.

  • Gambling, drugs and crime.

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