The Benefits Of Environmental (পরিবেশগত সুবিধা)

Sailing in Greece and our Code of Ethics: Sustainable Tourism - Jack & Jenny

The benefits of environmental codes of conduct (rules and regulations / guide lines) for sustainable tourism –

Tourism is an industry that depends largely on the environment for its continued well – being. It is also an industry that has a significant impact on environment – both the physical environment and the social environment, which includes the host communities in tourist destination.

With the growing importance this sector, there is also increasing concern from governments, the general public and from the industry itself about the effects tourism on the environments.

A wide range of instruments can be used to put the tourism industry on the path to sustainability. Regulations for the defining the legal framework within which the private sector should operate and for process. Economic instruments are also being increasingly used by governments to address environmental issues. However, voluntary proactive approaches are certainly the best way of ensuring long – term commitments and improvements.

The benefits of successfully implementing voluntary codes of conduct include:

  • Improvements in the natural environment and in the sustainability of the tourist industry’s long – term future.
  • An improved image for the tourist destinations covered by the code, giving them a competitive edge over other destinations.
  • Improvements in the quality of tourism products and services in the both the short and long – term.
  • Political support which help to extract funding and assistance for new tourism products.
  • An ability to attract tourists who are seeking environmentally – responsible forms of tourism.
  • Improved motivation and team spirit for those working in the tourism industry.
  • Improved company image.
  • Reduced coasts as a result of more efficient practices for energy conservation, water conservation and waste reduction.
  • Support for local economy and infrastructure which may catalyses further tourism development and improved quality of life for the host communities.

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