Telephone Communication System (টেলিফোন যোগাযোগ ব্যবস্থা)

SIC Code 4813 - Telephone communications, exc. radio

PBX (Private Branch Exchange):     A Switch Board Connected to a public exchange by one or more lines, and extension telephones in the various offices and departments. Calls must pass through the switchboard with the minimum delay and maximum courtesy.

PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange):     Combines exchange services with automatic inter communication facilities. Each telephone has its own dial and from it can be dialed other extensions as well as outside calls. The operated is only used to give special service to customers and to connect incoming calls.

PBMX (Private Manual Branch Exchange):     Requires and operator and the board can be switch or cord operated. The operator makes all the incoming outgoing and internal connections.

Business Telephone System and Its Benefits

Automatic Answering Telephone:      A device can be fitted to the telephone which enables callers to hear a pre-recorded announcement and dictate a message onto a tape.

Executive Bleeps:      Electronic system whereby executives are issued with small bleepers. When they are required an electronic signal is sent out which activates their particular bleep. They then go to nearest telephone to relieve their message.

ADC:     The cost of a call made by an operator will be notified to the caller on its completion.

Collect Calls:     The Charge for the call can be transferred to the number called if it is accepted when the operator offers the calls.

Significance of Mobile Phones in our Daily Life | 01

Fixed Time Calls:     A call may be booked in advance with the operator to be connected at a specific time.

STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing):     The Subscriber can dial trunk calls direct by prefixing the STD number to the number they wish to call. E.G.- 0271 (Area) 245678 (Subscriber’s No).

IDD (International Direct Dialing ):     E.G.- 0101 (US) 8244 Georgia – 21 (Area) 246812 (Subscriber No).

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