Rules Of Making Soup (স্যুপ তৈরির নিয়ম)

  1. If Main Food is heavy the soup should be light.
  2. If main food is light the soup should be heavy.
  3.  A Clear, Strong, Flavor full stock should be used a soup is good as the stock used.
  4. Garnish must be small and it should be picked up easily by soup spoon.
  5. Soup should be always moderate season.
  6. Avoid Repatriation.

Cooking Formula: Soup | Cook Smarts

Consomme:  Clear Strong flavored soup consomme is from the word consomme meaning perfect.

Broth:  A good stock garnish with (bro noise) Of vegetables dice meat, Chicken and rice etc.

CREAM SOUP:  A Roux based soup finish with cream.

Puree: It is smooth passed soup thickened with dried or fresh vegetables pulses etc.

Valuate: It is also roux based soup finish with (Egg yolk and cream)

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