Profile Of Salesman

Profile of a Salesman - Infographic on Behance

Courtesy combination of friendliness, politeness, tempered by consideration, respect and interest in the other person.

Department physical posture knowledge of product or service learning to tell sales story.

Willingness to work continues work. Personality sincerity and all the other above mentioned attributes ten commandments of a good sales person.

Speak to People :      There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting.

Smile at People :        Smile begets smile (72 seconds to from and only 14 to the smile. 

Call People by Name :        Sweetest music to every ear is to hear his name. 

Be Friendly and Helpful :    But never be too intimate with prospective buyer. 

Be Cordial :    Speak and act as if everything you do were a genuine pleasure.

Be Generally interested in People :     You can like everybody if you try.

Praise : Be generous with praise but cautions and criticism.

Considerate With Other Feeling :      It will be appriciated always.

Be Thoughtful Of Others Opinion :    Be Consideration to the feeling of others there are always 3 sides to a controversy. Yours the other follows and the ringtone.

Be alert to give Service :       What count most in life is what we do for others.


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