Hors-D-Oeuvre (হর্স-ডি-ওউভ্রে)

Hors d'oeuvre, une entrée HYPER facile pour recevoir - YouTube

Hors-d-oeucre is the first dish to be served at a meal, particularly lunch. It plays only a minor part in a meal.

The term Hors’d’oeuvre literally means something out side the main work. In this case i means a small food item to simulate the appetite.

A name given to small attractively presented dishes meant to stimulate the appetite.

The main principals to be followed are given below –

  • Visual appearance
  • Texture
  • Flavor and seasoning

There are two types of hors-d-oeuvre, the cold dishes and the hot or small entrees.

Cold hors-d-oeuvre include the following:

– Sea food – Fish which can either be marinated, smoked, in oil or in vinegar.

-Vegetables GREEK style

-Various types of cold meat “Charcyterie”

– Various raw vegetables and salads.

– Stuffed or jelled eggs.


– Foiegras and caviar, terme

– Various fruits as melon or grape fruit.

Hot Hors-d-oeuvre include the following:

– Bouchee or vol-au-vent

– Barquettes

– Souffle cheese, ham etc.

– Chicken pie or lorraine

– Rissoles or Patties

– Fritters, fish, vegetables, meat.

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