Cooking Methods (রান্নার পদ্ধতি)—

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Cooking is the applications of heat to food for the purpose of making it more, Safes to eat. More parable to change its appearance.

food cook by the heat of steam is called steaming. Food cooked is a small quality of fat using high heat (Direct Heat) and heating until golden color.

Food Cooked by direct heat in grill equipment is called grilling.

Important point for grilling methods —–

1 . Food must be minted

  1. Grill equipment must be method

  2. Direct heat used can be maintained through out the cooking

Saute —–Toss on Fat

St-tallow Frying:  To cook in frying pan with a small amount of fat.

Deep Frying: To cook in a large amount of fat using high heat. The food complete energized in the Oil.

Grilling :  To Cook with high heat on a grill with high equipment.


Blanching:   To partial cook food in a liquid with the aim of finishing cooking later. 

Basic French Food Cooking Methods

Paper Cooking Methods:  To make food using aluminium is called paper cooking method.

—  Soup (স্যুপ) এর প্রধান অংশ হল (স্টোক) Stock.

— Stock is a long cooking process.

— Do not seasoning basic stock.

— Re – boil Temperature – 82 C