Climate Change And Tourism

Tourism and climate change: Reaching an agreement or dying out - LookOutProHuman Activities Increase Greenhouse Gases :

Carbon Dioxide : Burning of fossil fuels

Methane Waste : Fuming, Coal mines and gas leaks.

Halo-carbons (CFC) : Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Plastics Foams.

Impact on Climate Change on Tourism : 

  • Affect on natural attraction.
  • Coral reef bleaching by industrial pollution.
  • Water fall becomes dry.
  • Less snow in the mountain or ski resort.
  • Coastal and beach has been destroying and threats of popular tourist island by the raise of sea level.
  • Affect on tourists behavior. Tourist might be sensitive to issue of climate change and prefer to travel closer to home.
  • Limit of natural resources EX – Water.

“Most hotels and resorts in popular destination depend on natural environment such as resort by the beach, resort in the mountain and ski resorts, all of them reply on the natural beauty and good weather condition to attract travelers.”

Is Tourism Partly to be Blamed for Climate Change ? How Tourism Can Help ?

Climate Change and Tourism - Responding to Global Challenges | UNWTO

Government : 

  • Encourage good environmental practice.
  • Set law and regulation for controlling fossil fuel emission Ex – plane, private car.
  • Create campaign to raise awareness among tourism industry, local community and tourists.
  • Introduce a more environmental friendly tourism activity.

Loan : 

  • Protect and conserve the environment in the tourist destination.
  • Advice tourist on environmental practice.

Media : 

  • Raise awareness in the climate change.

How climate change impacts the Great Barrier Reef tourism industry | New Scientist

Tourism Industry : 

  • Combine with law and regulation on environment.
  • Use environmental friendly or green product.
  • Create more green area for hotels and resorts.
  • Introduce more environmental tour programmer / activities for tourist Ex – ecotourism.
  • Encourage staff as well as tourist in helping to reduce climate change.
  • Use of renewable resource of energy such as solar or wind power.
  • Engage in environmental campaign.

Tourist : 

  • Use more public transport cycling or walking.
  • Support green hotel or tour operator that have environmental programmer.
  • Engage in environmental activity Ex – Planting tree in tourism destination.
  • Try to reduce waste and energy usage during holiday.
  • Encourage family and friends to help conserve energy when travel.

“Climate change creates negative impact on tourism system. The best way to avoid or reduce climate change crisis is to exercise or encourage a sustainable tourism because sustainable tourism is about conservation of natural resources. Sustainability is minimizing pollution, waste usage which is cause of global warming.”

The future is in our hand. Together we can help to minimize the climate change impacts.

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